World Champions explain how they build their Immunity family style!

Eli Bremer dug deeper than ever as he sprinted down the home stretch to complete the last of five events in the Modern Pentathlon at the 2008 Beijing Summer Games, fighting every impulse to stop or slow down. He had invested a huge portion of his life into this moment, and he surged forward with all his might. “You can’t imagine how important the Games are to us,” said the Shaklee Pure Performance Team captain and Shaklee product user for 20+ years. “But now, many of us are engaged in something even more important: loving and building our families and raising our kids, especially in a time when their lives could be threatened by COVID-19.”

We’ve seen a tidal wave of useful blogs, articles, and recommendations to strengthen our immunity as adults. But what about strengthening immunity for our children? Of course, the same principles apply, but parents now need to “preach what we practice,” and support healthy immune systems and a healthy home for the whole family.

We turned to four of our Shaklee Pure Performance Team members for a glimpse of what they’re doing to ensure happiness in their homes by keeping the germs and viruses out:

Mary Whipple Murray Rowing: 2004 silver medal, 2008 gold medal, 2012 gold medal

As these lockdown days start to blur together, we rely heavily on getting outside to break up the monotony. Yes, I know everyone says that a routine helps, but with a two-year-old son, we are just thankful we can bribe him away from his train set with promised adventures of bike riding on our local trails. I’m thankful to live where we can ride from our door and access mountain bike trails that are family-friendly for our little one and his strider bike. I’m also thankful for these outside adventures because they help him to release all his extra wiggles that would otherwise lead to a literal “train wreck” in the house. Staying active keeps my family healthy both physically and mentally. We also rely on our daily vitamins:

Life-Strip® for my husband and Vitalizer™ for me.

After every outside adventure, we come home and head straight to the bathroom to wash our hands with Shaklee Hand Wash Concentrate. Our son was pretty good at washing his hands before COVID-19, but now he’s become quite the hand washing expert. We have borrowed the hand washing jingle from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: germs, germs, go away. So helpful!

A silver lining of the “stay home, stay safe” order is that we are having breakfast and dinner as a family, and our son loves it. Before COVID-19 we were the typical on-the-go family, and now with the slower pace of life, we are rediscovering that our house is truly our home. For that I am thankful.

Tracy Barnes Biathlon: 2010

Everyone knows kids are little germ attractants, and sometimes it’s difficult to keep the germs out and the family healthy. But a few small things can help make a huge difference in our immune system’s ability to ward off invaders. Of course, nutrition is one of those tools to maintain a healthy immunity. We start with a good multivitamin that will help fill the gaps in our diet. Our kids enjoy the Vita-Lea® Ocean Wonders®, and my husband and I take Vita-Lea® and Vitalizer™, respectively. Next, we focus on excluding certain foods from our diet, like those high in sugar and processed foods. This is sometimes difficult (especially now), so we try to include certain foods that will boost our immune systems like broccoli, spinach, and other vegetables as well as nuts and fruits. In our house we have smoothies a couple of times a week. This is a great way to pack in a punch of immunity-boosting foods. Add a scoop of Life Shake™ for even more healthy nutrition.

Tervel Dlagnev Freestyle Wrestling: 2012 bronze medal, 2016

Staying healthy is always important, but it’s in the forefront of our minds now more than ever. My wife and I make sure we keep our two children’s immune systems as strong as possible. Shaklee has helped with all the vitamins, supplements, and soap we need to aid in this process! My wife gives them Vita-Lea® Ocean Wonders®, Chewable Vita-C®, and Vita-D3® daily. We also make sure they are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. But the big one is just practicing good, healthy habits: not touching your face and washing your hands frequently. And with Shaklee Hand Wash Concentrate, my hands never feel dry even though I wash them like 20 times a day!

Courtney Mathewson Water Polo: 2012 gold medal, 2016 gold medal

With two little girls at home, especially during this pandemic, it’s super-important to keep them healthy and teach them proper hygiene routines. Both girls are constantly touching everything and bringing their hands to their faces; at 8 months and 2.5 years old, it’s how they explore. I’ve enticed my oldest with fragrant soaps and she really gets excited to wash her hands.

In our household, we have a constant supply of Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Wipes and we use them throughout the day to wipe down everything. It’s an easy and quick way for us to make sure that our surfaces are clean for our little ones to keep exploring safely. My oldest loves to “help” wipe down her high chair after eating meals. We even keep a pack in the car and the diaper bag. Hopefully, practicing these habits will teach them how important it is to stay clean and build their immunity up against germs.

Eli and his family aren’t in the Games anymore, but they’re definitely in the same race with the rest of us: to build a family immunity system that beats germs and viruses before they can even get through the door.


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