Yoga and the Full moon

Throughout the different lunar phases, you experience changes in your whole being, both in your body and in your mind. From concentration, to flexibility, your breathing process ... the subtle energy of the tides influences you on all levels!

Everything is connected!

The phases that the moon experiences (new, waning, full...) influence the tides by their ability to attract water. Your body is between 50% and 70% water, so maybe you also feel that subtle energy of the moon and the tides.

During these days we experience a moment of expansion in which you may feel your energy soar and you feel more nervous or sensitive to emotions.

To counteract these sensations, we must adapt our practice by making it softer, more conscious and slower than other days.

So the next time you look at the sky by chance and come across the full moon, in addition to appreciating and enjoying beauty, remember to adapt your practice by joining the cycles of nature.

If you want to put it into practice with DW we leave you the link so you can schedule today's class, join us!

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