Yoga for Beginners, Patti Passow

DW offered a 6-week course, Yoga for Beginners class taught by Kate Netinho. Our goal was to get folks who have never tried yoga or had tried yoga but wanted to learn more, to learn more and be more comfortable with yoga. One of our VIP subscribers, Patti Passow, who has never tried yoga before, decided she would sign up and she was kind enough to provide an amazing review from her perspective.

Too old for yoga? Let’s talk about that.

As a senior who has recently become healthy conscious, yoga seemed like a natural next step. Destination Wellness was a smart choice for me. They promote total wellness with a wide variety of options. So, I signed up for yoga.

What did I learn?

There is no dog on the planet that looks quite like my Downward Facing Dog.

But I did it! And while it may not look pretty, I was successful.

Older bodies cannot look like a pretzel.

But – Kate was able to guide me through alternatives with yoga tools that accomplished the same stretch with similar results.

I am not a tree and cannot pretend to be one.

But with the right instruction and use of props and alternative poses, I improved my balance significantly.

Can a senior do yoga? YEP

Destination Wellness made it fun to keep trying and not give up. They provided alternatives for an aging body. And, most importantly, I learned that age is just a number. I may not be 30 anymore with Kate’s help, I can keep it up. Patience and perseverance are what I learned from Destination Wellness and am signing up for another class!

True to Patti’s typical wholeheartedness, she jumped in with an open mind, persevered and really enjoyed the class. We just might have a new yogi!

DW is so thrilled Patti enjoyed the Yoga For Beginners class. We want to add to her point about not being a spring chicken. No matter how old you are, it is never too late to try something new, especially exercise. Unless maybe you want to be an olympic gymnast and some professional sports might be out of reach, but everything else is up for grabs!

Patti is an inspiration to us all, go grab that goal!

Destination Wellness

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