Yoga Props For Your Home Practice

With at-home virtual classes here to stay, you might be missing some of the props that your yoga studio always had on hand.

Below are must-haves for yogis of all levels:

  • Yoga mat - Start with a cheap one if you do not already have one. If you start to practice regularly and find that you're slipping, I suggest investing in a good, grippy mat. I purchased mine from Lululemon mat almost 10 years ago and it's still going strong so it was well worth the investment.

  • Exercise clothes - Any gear you wear for other exercise will do for yoga. I do recommend more fitted clothing as lose tops tend to get in the way in downward dog.

  • Towel - If you do get sweaty, a towl can help with the slipping.

Other items that are not required, but are very helpful when starting out, are a yoga strap, blocks, and a blanket. I always have them on hand, even if I don't end up using them. If you are willing and able to purchase these items, they are well worth the investment and there are loads of affordable options on Amazon.

If you not quite ready to make a full investment, below are items you can find around your home that you can use in lieu of the traditional props:

  • Instead of a yoga strap try a kitchen towel, men's tie, exercise band, or belt to act as an extension of your arms.

  • Blocks or bricks can be traded out for shoe boxes, or any small to medium storage box to help bring the floor to you.

  • A blanket can be substituted with throw pillows, a rolled up towel, or folded blanket to support an elevated seated positions such as pigeon.

Check out the video where I show you how you can use these items in your home practice.

For those of you interested in starting yoga or building a stronger foundation, check out the Yoga for Beginners course I’ll be teaching beginning on 27 January.


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