You need a vacation part 2

Let’s continue planning that must needed vacation.

Now that you have asked for these precious days off comes part 2 of the process to ensure your vacation planning and taking goes as smoothly as possible at work.

Share your vacation scheduled with your internal and external teams.

Your request was approved; now, how can you let all know about your upcoming absence? Letting your colleagues, clients and vendors know of your time out of the office is good practice for a simple reason: others can plan too, and ensure that they as well as all processes you are involved with are able to function properly while you are gone. I recommend that one month prior to your first day off, you contact them all and let them know when you will be gone, and who will be their contact during that time. With such advanced notice, you all can discuss without the pressures of limited time what needs to be done before, during, and maybe after you return to your desk.

One week before you leave, I suggest that you get together with your backups, and review the plan ensuring they know, and have access to all the processes, files, documents and anything they might need. Doing that sets them up for success, and they will be more likely to cover for you when you take another vacation! Remember to give back when it is their time to go on vacation.

Let me know what you think of this second step in the comments! And feel free to contribute to this post as it is always interesting to exchange on such matters! And look for my third post for Step 3!

Armelle Fée

Your Travel planner Extraordinaire

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