You need a vacation part 4

After prioritizing your tasks before leaving the office, a simple fourth step follows.

Have an out-of-office message.

This really may seem like such an obvious statement but we have all experienced that: an email or phone call that is not returned, and frustration sets in, until we eventually find out that the person is out of the office.

Easy fix: have auto replies / phone messages setup to be automatically sent / played when, during your time off, you are contacted. A short and to-the-point message might be all that is needed; include another person to be contacted in your automatic response, and if you regularly get asked the same thing, why not have links to a web page or documents or even a little FAQ so that incoming emails around a similar topic or process are kept to a minimum. You will be thankful to yourself for that upon your return. No stressing about getting 2,759 emails in your mailbox when you get back in the office.

These little tips should help you plan a stress-free vacation, limiting your need to worry about what is going on in your absence. Take that time, which you have earned through your diligence in the office and truly enjoy it!

For a unique vacation that focuses on your wellness and discovering the world around us, check out the various destinations that Destination Wellness offers. We are happy to get a group together for you, with as little as 6 travelers.

Let me know what you think of this fourth and final step in the comments! And feel free to contribute to this post as it is always interesting to exchange on such matters! If you use these tips let me know if and how they helped you.

Armelle Fée

Your Travel planner Extraordinaire

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