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Stephanie Hensler and Kiley Sharp, Santa Barbara half marathon 2009


At Destination Wellness, running isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok.  For those that are already running, we hope we can provide additional inspiration.  For those who are thinking of starting, we hope we can provide some inspiration to get started. 

There are many benefits with running.  Running can give you a longer life, better sleep, improved immunity, and mood as well as help you lose weight, and keep it off.

One important thing to remember about running, it’s not about how fast you run, it’s about the journey.  Everyone’s journey is different.  I started running with a friend  when I lived in Long Beach, California.  I really enjoyed the challenge and loved running with different friends.  I then signed up for races to set goals for myself, started with 5k and 10ks then half marathons.  Running alongside friends is the most fun. Knowing I am going to participate in a race is motivation to train, run a few times a week and even longer on weekends.

An injury forced me to take a break for a couple of years; but now I am starting up again. I’m posting on our blog after every run, right now it’s been twice a week with long fitness walks in between (not posting about this). I hope you’ll read and find inspiration from my post and please share your running journey, email me at and I’ll be sure to share.