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About Destination Wellness

Destination Wellness - Good at Wellness Retreat - Destination Portugal

Destination Wellness was created to offer an environment free of judgement and support the health and well being of individuals globally who are part of a beautiful community.  With Ayurvedic practices in mind, we lead with the heart to support a balanced, fulfilling life.

As we each individually travel through this amazing experience offered to live on this Earth, we find ourselves searching for a way to be our best selves in all areas of life. We have days, weeks, months and years that are amazing, the fruit of our hard work paying off, reaping the rewards offered and living what feels like our best lives. Then there are times of difficulty, regrouping, rebuilding….  A search for meaning which includes episodes of sadness, feeling overwhelmed and experiencing worry about the community around us.  This is humanity, this is expected, this is normal.  These periods, even when incredibly difficult to navigate, offer perspective and allow us to recognize the moments when our life is amazing and feels perfect.

Navigating these challenges has been recognized as one of the key aspects to a rewarding life and this is what Destination Wellness has been created for.  “A Place to access resources to navigate the best place mentally and physically, with the support of a beautiful global community, no matter what stage of life you are experiencing.”

Focusing on several aspects of health and wellness with an ayurvedic lifestyle in mind  including the food we support our bodies with, key supplements, mental health awareness and focus, fitness and rejuvenation, Destination Wellness offers a bounty of resources, which you may access as frequently and whenever you need them.

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