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Meet the Team

Brenda Koesterman Founder of Destinatin Wellness
Brenda Koesterman
Founding Principal

I'm Brenda Koesterman, the proud founder and owner of Destination Wellness.

Originally from Spokane, Washington, I ventured to Seattle to pursue a degree in Physics before embarking on a fulfilling career in the physical security industry. Throughout my adult life, I maintained a strong passion for health and wellness, marked by my involvement in triathlons and half marathons. Nutrition and cooking, along with my love for travel, have always been at the forefront of my interests.

In the transformative year of 2019/2020, I felt a calling to share my knowledge of nutrition with others, leading to the creation of Destination Wellness. Initially envisioned as a food and travel blog, the introduction to Ayurveda steered its course in a new direction.

Discovering the principles of Ayurveda resonated with my natural lifestyle, prompting me to acquire the necessary skills to guide both myself and others on an Ayurvedic journey. My development path has included yoga teacher training, an Ayurvedic nutrition certification, a diploma course (DAMT) in massage and marma point therapy and practitioner Level I (DALNC) both with Ayurveda Institute, UK.

Currently dividing my time between the United Kingdom and United States, I am a proud parent of three children and two adorable French bulldogs. In Seattle, my eldest daughter and I own and manage three fitness studios, while my son serves with the special forces for the US Army in Germany. My youngest daughter resides in the UK, splitting her time between her father and me.

Destination Wellness has blossomed into a platform that continues to exceed my initial visions, having successfully hosted three retreats in Portugal and Morocco. Witnessing the positive transformations of our guests and building a supportive community has been incredibly rewarding. I'm thrilled about the exciting journey that lies ahead.

Brenda Koesterman
Elizabeth Harrison.JPG

Liz Harrison
Business  Manager

Liz Harrison is a dynamic and strategic Business Manager with a passion for cultivating transformative experiences in the realm of destination wellness. With a proven track record in business development and operations management, Liz spearheads the day-to-day planning and strategic initiatives that drive growth and excellence in the wellness sector.


Liz's journey into destination wellness stemmed from her solid foundation in health and wellness and a primary focus on healing. Armed with a strong background in massage and beauty, she gained invaluable experience across diverse clientele before discovering her passion for wellness.

Transitioning into destination wellness, Liz leveraged her expertise in healing to streamline processes and elevate guest experiences. 

Liz Harrison

Dr Sarah Williams
Psychologist and Professional Life Coach

Sarah has a long career in the UK and Middle East as a Psychological Therapist.  She is registered with the HCPC in the UK and QHCP in Qatar.  She has worked extensively with children, adolescents and adults with a full range of everyday issues including anxiety, depression, and adjustment disorder.


Sarah develops and manages the self awareness and growth programs at Destination Wellness retreats.  The programmes focus on coaching for individual growth within a workshop format.  Scheduled personal life coach sessions are also available to participate in.


Overall, our goal at Destination Wellness is to reduce stress, increase mindfulness and empower you to reach personal goals through quiet reflection, self exploration, and transformational coaching.

Sarah Williams

Nicola Batten
Certified Yoga instructor

Nicola's journey into the world of yoga began with a pivotal move from the bustling streets of London to the tranquil landscapes of Essex in 2012. It was here that she discovered her passion for the practice and embarked on a transformative path, earning her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Diploma and Hot Yoga Teacher Training at Camyoga, Cambridge, the following year.

With her newfound expertise, Nicola immersed herself in teaching, sharing the joy of yoga flow and hot yoga with her students. However, in March 2015, her journey took a beautiful turn as she welcomed her son into the world, prompting a brief hiatus from teaching to embrace the joys of motherhood.

But Nicola's love for yoga persisted, and in February 2016, she eagerly returned to the mat as the director of Hotpod Yoga Saffron Walden. Here, she poured her passion into building a thriving yoga community, enriching the lives of her students with each class.

In 2023, Nicola's journey took another exciting turn as she joined Destination Wellness, bringing her expertise to support the vinyasa flow classes on their retreats. Quickly becoming an indispensable part of the team, Nicola's warmth, skill, and dedication have made her the most cherished yoga teacher among practitioners.

Nicola's story is a testament to the transformative power of yoga and the joy of sharing it with others. With her unwavering commitment and boundless enthusiasm, she continues to inspire and uplift all who have the privilege of practicing with her.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-11 at 19.31.16_80c2bc35.jpg

Massage Therapist

From the heart of Ukraine, Taras embarked on a journey of athleticism and healing that led him to our team at Destination Wellness. His story began in a professional sports school, dedicating nine intense training sessions each week, aiming for international victory. This rigorous training laid the foundation for a 14-year career in professional freestyle wrestling. Along the way, Taras achieved the honor of becoming the Ukrainian wrestling champion and clinched numerous titles in countries including Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and Slovakia.

This profound experience in competitive sports endowed Taras with a deep comprehension of musculoskeletal injuries. He understands firsthand the strains the body can endure and the essential recovery processes. Leveraging this knowledge, he transitioned seamlessly into the therapeutic world of massage. Taras's mastery covers a broad range:


  • Anti-cellulite Massage: One of Taras's specialisations, the anti-cellulite massage, is highly sought after. This treatment targets stubborn cellulite, aiding in its reduction and promoting smoother, rejuvenated skin. It's not just about aesthetics; it’s about enhancing confidence and well-being.

  • From Classical and Sports Massage to Shiatsu and Traditional Thai Massage.

  • Techniques such as Stone therapy, Hydromassage, Manual therapy, and more.

Antonia Beamish
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