Where are we going to restart, regroup, rest or recharge??

Part of the journey to a balanced beautiful life is experiencing other cultures and ensuring that you get plenty of rest and relaxation.

Destination Wellness is here to support you along the way, and Armelle Fée, Destination Wellness’ travel expert, has created a series of itineraries focused on tying your yoga practice to environments conducive to enhancing both your physical and spiritual well-being. Each amazing adventure is crafted with the founding principles of Destination Wellness in mind.

Click on any of the destinations below to view our custom-crafted proposal. Join our mailing list to receive our Destinations emails! You will receive destination-specific emails to pique your curiosity. We look forward to your joining us on these fascinating travels. If the dates offered do not align with your life, please contact us as we can offer these destinations to groups of six travelers and up. And no pressure: you don’t have to be a master to join! Novice? Consider these trips as initiations to a new journey!


We look forward to your joining us on these incredible adventures, but if these dates don't work for you, not a problem! Please contact us and Armelle Fée, Destination Wellness' Travel expert, will work with you to create the perfect vacation for you!