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An Ayurvedic Retreat and Guest House

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Beaufort House,
an Ayurvedic Retraeat & Guest House


Whether you’re interested in learning more about Ayurveda, or just want a relaxing weekend in the countryside, Beaufort House is a retreat and guest house purpose-built for guests to have a lovely, nourishing experience both physically and mentally.


Minutes from IWM – Duxford and several high standard gastropubs within walking distance, Beaufort House is an idyllic guest house and retreat.  Maximum occupancy of four people, the space can be used as simply a place to stay, or can be a full ayurvedic retreat for the guests.


Breakfast is included with every stay and additional meals, prepared to support clients Ayurvedic needs can be offered on availability.  Additionally therapeutic and relaxing treatments like massage, facials and restorative treatments are available in the on site therapy room.


If it’s an actual mini- retreat you are after guests can check in on a Friday for a two night stay and experience all of the benefits that DW retreats offer in a condensed version.  Our retreats are designed to leave you feeling better than when you started, not exhausted like many traditional vacations tend to do.  All services are available a la carte and you can purchase add-ons when you are securing your room.

"Life Changing!"


"Fantastic retreat, the venue was relaxing and well equipped."

"The therapies were great and would love to had more."

"The food was cooked from scratch each day with local fresh ingredients, healthy, supportive, extremely tasty and filling."

"I never realised how much l needed these workshops! Antonia was amazing."

"Workshops were fantastic and got a lot from them."

Retreat add-on options:

Ayurveda overview


Learn a brief history of Ayurveda, take a dosha test and learn what foods are best to embrace or avoid to support your personal constitution. Work in the kitchen with Brenda, founder of destination wellness to make a golden milk paste (traditional anti-inflammatory cure) you can take home and use daily.


£35 per person

Therapy Room Treatments

Select from a myriad of massages, facials and ayurvedic treatments

Prices range from

£55 - £90

Lunch or dinner  


Prepared to your specific doshic needs


Prices range from £25 - £90 per person

(wine and cocktails available)

Self Awareness Workshop


Meet with our Kinesiologist and discover how to think about finding your true self, relieving anxiety and stress and being the best YOU ever!!

£55 per person

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Ayurvedic Starter Kit 


Your kit includes:

  • Ayurvedic Essential Tools

  • Skincare Discovery Kit

  • Luxury journal & pen 

£100 each kit

Want it all?? 25% off then

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What to Expect

While how you design your day is completely up to you, a typical Day includes a combination of connection with our balance and intention, restorative work in the form of walking and yoga, education on self exploration and growth, therapeutic massage, nourishing eating and plenty of time for self reflection and rest.


Every component of the retreat is optional offering individuals the flexibility to choose the best course for their journey and customize the amount of rest and self reflection time they require.


Daily offering options include – Cambridge city tour, Vinyasa yoga flow, ayurvedic based meals, snacks, self exploration and growth workshop,

Each day will offer structured and unstructured time to allow attendees to choose which activities to participate in and customise the retreat to their unique interests and bespoke needs. 


Ayurvedic meals (defined by food prepared with ingredients to support imbalances in the individual doshas) are served during the retreat which helps in detoxifying and balancing the body for practices and can be customized to each person’s specific doshic needs (see more on doshas here). Besides nutritional value, we love to give a glimpse of the local food taste of the region we are residing in.


While the meals will not be strictly vegan or even vegetarian, they will be prepared to support the retreat practices and are considered “Clean Eating”. The food is seasoned with mild spices, which are an important part of the Ayurvedic diet.


Any  preference for Vegan, Vegetarian and Dairy or Gluten-free diets can comfortably be managed.

Self Care Rituals

An important part of the retreat can be self-care rituals.  Aligned with Ayurvedic principals and practices, a set of daily rituals can be introduced if attendees choose the Ayurvedic starter kit and are encouraged to try. 


In addition, the therapy room is open and treatments can be booked in.

Retreat Accommodation

Meet our Retreat Team

Brenda Koesterman Destination Wellness Founder

Brenda Koesterman

Elizabeth Harrison

Liz Harrison

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