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About the Team

Brenda Koesterman Founder of Destinatin Wellness

Brenda Koesterman

Founding Principal

Brenda is a Seattle, Washington native who moved to the UK in 2011.  In this time, she has embraced her passion for travel, culinary diversity, cultural immersion and pursuing the ambition of living a balanced life.  Brenda is a mum to 3 amazing children and pup-mum to 2 unique French Bulldogs.  The lifelong drive to be part of an inclusive community that enjoys a healthy, balanced, emotionally fulfilled life culminated in the idea and deployment of Destination Wellness.

Incorporating many aspects of holistic lifestyle into an integrated offering for her clients, Brenda utilizes the teachings of Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, holistic nutrition, Chinese medicine principles and neuroscience into a platform to achieve a balanced lifestyle bespoke to each individual being.

Brenda is a yoga teacher, mindfulness facilitator, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and ongoing student of some of the world’s most masterful carriers of wisdom.  

Ultimately so thankful for her teachers in practice so far to date, and those yet to come, Brenda’s intention is to support beings in building their own belief system, applying principles from some of the greatest masters in the world to attain and continually develop a lifestyle of balance, prosperity and livelihood through balancing the three pillars of Ayurveda ahara (diet), svapna(sleep) and abrahmacharya (conjugal life).

Brenda offers 1:1 consulting and workshops on Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, functional breathwork, pranayama, meditation, and ayurveda.

Brenda Koesterman
Elizabeth Harrison Destination Wellness Team

Elizabeth Harrison

Business Manager

Liz was born in England, and is married with 2 cats, and 2 step-children. She is an Independent Ambassador for Tropic Skincare, which is how she met Brenda, and is trained in massage and facials. She loves to cook delicious, healthy food, that nourishes the body, and keeps fit by swimming, practicing Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Barre and taking dance classes. Her other passion is gardening, and growing her own fruit and vegetables.


Liz helps to organise the retreats and supports the day to day running of them, making sure everything runs smoothly and looking after guests to ensure they feel well cared for. Liz is a thoughtful, happy and kind member of the team, she loves to make you feel welcome by creating a safe space for people to relax, enjoy and be healthy!


Dr Sarah Williams

Psychologist and Professional Life Coach

Sarah has a long career in the UK and Middle East as a Psychological Therapist.  She is registered with the HCPC in the UK and QHCP in Qatar.  She has worked extensively with children, adolescents and adults with a full range of everyday issues including anxiety, depression, and adjustment disorder.


Sarah develops and manages the self awareness and growth programs at Destination Wellness retreats.  The programmes focus on coaching for individual growth within a workshop format.  Scheduled personal life coach sessions are also available to participate in.


Overall, our goal at Destination Wellness is to reduce stress, increase mindfulness and empower you to reach personal goals through quiet reflection, self exploration, and transformational coaching.

Liz Harrison
Sarah Williams

Antonia Beeamish


Antonia is a Systematic Kinesiologist based in Cambridge. Her mission is to help you connect to the innate healing power between your mind and body, unburdening you of stress and pain, opening you up to enhanced physical wellbeing and helping you move forwards with the confidence and clarity to thrive. Outside of Kinesiology, Antonia enjoys writing about how to live a life of courage over fear, exploring the real journey of being human in all its secrets, suffering, magic and wonder. You can find her at

Louise Keille
Kelly Gosse
Kelly Gosse Destination Wellness Team Member
Kelly Gosse
Wellness Coach

Born and raised in Texas, USA, Kelly is passionate about nutrition. After a long bout with illness, which left her depleted both physically and mentally, Kelly discovered that a well-balanced supplemental nutritional plan was exactly what her body and spirit needed. Ever since, she has been encouraging family and friends to pursue healthier living through such supplemental nutritional plans. Kelly looks forward to sharing tips and ideas, as well as helping guide you to wellness.

When she is not sharing her passion for well-being, Kelly loves to go to the skeet shooting range and do… needlepoint!

Merri Jane Koesterman Destination Wellness Team Member

Merri Jane Koesterman

Wellness Manager

Merri was raised in the beautiful State of Washington, married for 42 years, raised two wonderful children and enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren. Merri has always had a keen awareness of a healthy diet along with the importance and reward of daily exercise. With all the skills Merri has acquired throughout her career and her love for a healthy lifestyle, she is a great addition to Destination Wellness team.

Merri Koesterman
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