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Our Kapha Spice Blend is formulated to ease digestive disturbances associated with kapha dosha including low appetite, sluggish digestion, slow metabolism, decreased peristaltic action & feelings of lethargy after meals. Heating spices of Ginger, Pippali, Black Pepper & Cinnamon reduce the cold, slow & heavy energy of kapha, helping to stimulate the digestive fire, support proper digestion, increase energy & purify the body of unwanted toxins. Enjoy Kapha Spice Blend before your meal or use it to season your favorite dishes!

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Awaken agni (digestive fire) and eradicate congestion from the digestive tract with this revered herb. Considered the ‘universal medicine’ in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, ginger powder has light, hot, dry and pungent qualities making it the perfect herbal remedy for the heavy, cold, moist and dense qualities that can weigh down kapha type digestion. 


Powerfully stimulating and warming, pippali, a close relative to black pepper, is an excellent herbal ally that can be used to stoke agni and burn up toxic residue (ama) left behind from slow, sluggish digestion. Pippali is classically paired in Ayurvedic medicine with ginger and black pepper to address kapha type digestive ailments. 

Black Pepper

The Sanskrit name for black pepper is marich, which is a term for the sun. This is the perfect way to describe the heating, stimulating and activating energetic properties of black pepper on the physical body and the mind. In the digestive system, black pepper is used in Ayurveda to enkindle and strengthen agni, expel toxic debris (ama) and improve the absorption and assimilation of nutrients from food.


In herbalism, cinnamon is known as a warming circulatory stimulant, meaning it works to improve movement and circulation within the body, including within the digestive tract. When agni is low and mucus + congestion begin to accumulate in the stomach due to an increase in kapha dosha, cinnamon can help regulate healthy flow within the GI tract, in turn optimizing healthy and balanced digestion.


*certified organic

SIZE: 9 oz glass jar. Approximately 70 servings.

Caffeine Free

Infused with Ayurvedic Healing Mantra. Tested on Family & Friends. Handcrafted in Small Batches with Love.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

CAUTION: If pregnant, consult a qualified herbalist or physician before use.

Kapha Spice Blend

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